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Wood Cot

‘Wood’ Cot

'Wood' Low Loft Bed

‘Wood’ Low Loft Bed

A cot is a cot is a cot; a bed is a bed is a bed—and then, maybe not. Something solid in make, delightful to the eye, and tactile to the touch could very well make going to sleep for a child a pretty memory. We’re picking on the beautiful Wood collection from Oliver Furniture for its light colours, tapered lines, and beds with a playful adaptability that any child would love: a sheltered reading corner, a tent, or just a pretend-anything space, maybe, that can be created. Not too little, not too much, but just right—how the Danes do it. We love.

'Wood' Junior Bed

‘Wood’ Junior Bed

'Wood' Day Bed

‘Wood’ Day Bed

The brand hails from Copenhagen and we ask founder and designer Søren Rørbæk some questions.

What is the story behind the brand?

Oliver Furniture creates wooden furniture for the modern family. Born from a proud Scandinavian tradition of wood making, our products are time tested and thoroughly contemporary—designed to last for generations. Based on a simple aesthetic, high quality craftsmanship, and function specific design, the Nordic tradition is our attitude. Our ‘Seaside’ Collection is inspired by easy beach-house living, and the ‘Wood’ Collection highlights the natural layers of beauty hiding in wood as a material. The brand was founded in 2003 by cabinetmaker and designer Søren Rørbæk when he got his own kids and was looking for high quality kids’ furniture and couldn’t find any. The company is based just north of Copenhagen.

'Seaside' Loft Bed

‘Seaside’ Loft Bed

'Seaside' Cradle

‘Seaside’ Cradle

'Wood' Ladder Bunk Bed

‘Wood’ Bunk Bed with Ladder

'Wood' Loft Bed

‘Wood’ Loft Bed

We love the ‘Wood’ series of beds/cribs for children. What are the ideas behind the design?

Simplicity is our aesthetic. Clean lines, and clear purpose. Rounded shapes, and delicate details. Our product portfolio is kept deliberately simple and functionally compatible. With a traditional yet contemporary design vocabulary, our furniture aims to evoke the sensory memories of a simpler time. Our brand is rooted in carefree summer days, high blue skies, waves splashing on the shore, echoes in the cool green forest, and the comfort of time spent with friends and family. Today, we are inspired by the everyday lives of contemporary families and how they evolve over time. Our products should not distract from life in its variety, but rather complement a life lived slowly. Slow living tries to remove the choices imposed by a modern throwaway culture, and generates a freedom from doubt—and a confidence in having made the right product choice.

On your website, it mentions that the brand’s furniture is “sustainable by design”. Can you elaborate on this?

Our furniture is sustainable by design. We are not distracted by trends nor do we work around seasonal themes. We constantly rarify our existing product portfolio, refining the classics and adding new members to our family of beds, shelving units, benches, wardrobes, tables and chairs. By taking into consideration the furniture needs of the modern family in its evolution, and subtracting away the trendy and the transient, we are left with a long-lasting product portfolio, which can be easily adapted as change happens. It is this possibility to add and subtract elements to an existing item and extend its lifetime that makes our furniture truly sustainable: a few modifications to a bunk bed, and it becomes two single beds; and a junior bed easily transforms into a day bed. With this built-in ability to re-purpose, our products generate less waste by nature.

Who are your designers? What is the brand’s philosophy in designing for little people? 

Designer Søren Rørbæk – designed from our heart.

'Wood' Low Loft Bed

‘Wood’ Low Loft Bed

Oliver Furniture is available at Cuckoo.

+ Photo credits: Oliver Furniture

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