Musings // We be okay soon


Eating fruits on the sofa. Kids all asleep. Kiwi, orange, strawberries and grapes. Pretty colours. Today was all grey outside – shades of a charcoal drawing that made the house all dark and wintery, the rain a soft lullaby to your sleep. We were all indoors today, the routine of sleeping and eating and wake time playing out in clockwork rhythm. We are all in need of cure, so flu-ey. Your baby coughs pains my heart – 18 days for a child to heal, she said. Your sister’s sick too, her breathing heavy and burdened as she lies next to me in bed; it takes her so long to go to bed, her nose is no good. This merry-go-round of coughs and colds had better be gone soon, for we all would like to go out to play.

+Photo credit: Playground

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