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Have you heard a baby’s chuckle? It is so kewt, makes me belly up in laughter – the happiest kind of roar. Have you seen a baby try to blow raspberries? It’s the cutest. So deliberate, that sucking in of air with the lips and blowing out with force, and after, looking so pleased with himself. Didn’t suck in enough air? He does it again, sucking in his cheeks, pursing his baby lips and giving a loud pffffffttt. Makes me mighty pleased too. His sister did it to him. He laughed and laughed the cutest baby laughter. Made me hysterical.


“Mama, I love you to the moon,” she said at bedtime in a singsongy tone, saccharine with coyness, in a way like she knew subconsciously it is not something To Be Said Casually and that meant A Lot.


Sitting opposite me at potty time, she looks into my eyes. “Mama, I see Becky in your eyes. I see two Beckys.” Proceeds to have a conversation with the Becky In My Eyes. “Hellooooo Becky!” as she leans forward to speak with the reflections. “Mama, why do you have two eyes?” “Mama, who put your eyes there?” – “God did”. “Oh”. “How about your nose? How about your whooooole face? How about the sink?” she proceeds. The Cute Life.

+ photo credit: Playground

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