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0008473_P_kl_mitKind_0000E7BEPlastic is everywhere now, on everything from toys to furniture; there’s almost too much. It wasn’t always so. In the 1950s it was a new material, and its arrival stretched the creativity of many designers. Designers like Verner Panton. You know Mr. Panton (1926-1988). One of the the most influential 20th-century designers from Denmark, he dreamed up modish designs like the retro-glam Fun and Spiral chandeliers, the three-dimensional, futuristic Moon lamp, and the iconic Panton chair, designed for Vitra and produced commercially in 1967.

Panton Junior by Verner Panton_3resized Panton Junior by Verner Panton_1resized

Ah, the Panton – a chair made out of one single material (currently, polypropylene) and formed of one single element. Its anthropomorphic S-shape is sensual and beckoning; the middle portion is depressed ever so slightly to contain the sitter in comfort, and it is produced in a variety of neutral and cheery eye-catching colours. Made of plastic, it is suitable for use indoors and can be trudged outdoors when the kid decides he wants to read under the shade of a tree and forgets to bring it in when it pours. Its fun and playful character makes it perfect for little children, Mr. Panton thought so. He conceived of a children’s version 25 per cent smaller than the original chair, which could only be made in 2006 when the technology was right.

Panton Junior by Verner Panton_Lifestyle2 Panton Junior by Verner Panton_Lifestyle3

The stackable Panton Junior comes in six colours: fresh white, blood red, baby pink and baby blue, sunny tangerine and a zesty lime. It is exclusively available at Space Furniture (77 Bencoolen St Singapore 189653, 65 6415 0000)

Vitra Panton Chair by Verner Panton (White)_Lifestyle4resized

+ Photo credits: Space Furniture Singapore

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