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It’s amazing what some colour can do to an age-old classic product. It you’re a fan of the iconic Anglepoise® task lamp, designed by Sir Kenneth Grange in the 1970s (based on the original three-spring designed in 1935 by automotive engineer George Carwardine) then Paul Smith’s magic touch will send you in a tizzy.

In recent years, the British fashion purveyour has lent his preppy charm to three editions of the Anglepoise® Type 75™: Anglepoise® + Paul Smith Edition One has cheery summary colours, Anglepoise® + Paul Smith Edition Two features more masculine tones with hints of autumn in its orange, dark-blue base, and Anglepoise® + Paul Smith Edition Three evokes Dutch painter Mondrian’s De stijl art style.

Mini_Anglepoise_Edition1_014 Mini_Anglepoise_Edition2_023 Mini_Anglepoise_Edition3_005

It’s hard to choose between the three for sure, and now, even harder with brilliant size options. The brand introduces the  Type 75™ Mini  and the Type 75™ Giant floor lamp in edition to the regular Type 75™ desk lamp. The minuscule version is perfect for a bedside companion for junior and the giant version makes a fine sculpture in itself. The well-designed spring system means illumination can be flexible and Paul Smith’s colouring exercise means the product livens up any space it is placed in.

4 pink overall 5 pink overall 7 overall

Says Paul Smith, “Following the success of our previous collaborations with Anglepoise, I thought it would be nice to add two extremes: the mini and the maxi! The giant one is pretty extraordinary and in a big space looks sensational, whilst the mini is perfect for studies or for students working in smaller spaces.”

Anglepoise is available at Million Lighting.

The Type 75™ Mini and Type 75™ desk lamp are available in the three established Paul Smith and Anglepoise® Edition colours, while the Type 75™ Giant floor lamp comes in the colour scheme from the very first collaboration – Edition One

+ photo credits: Anglepoise

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