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Tom Dixon I love you so. All masculine materials and industrial cool. The Beat lamps, you made ubiquitous above many a dining table top (copycats abound; many didn’t know the maker but the they all wanted The Look). A maverick of the contemporary design world, Tom Dixon’s exhibits at the Milan Design Fair are one of the best. I remember prowling the echoing halls of Milan’s Museum of Science and Technology (MOST) in 2012, a 16th century monostry: industrial processing against the backdrop of real steam trains on tracks, metal chairs on timber floors against gilded walls and frescos, and the Luminosity burrow of lights beckoned the visual senses with shadow-and-light play bursting on the walls.

The Tom Dixon world is handsome, strange yet familiar, tactile, shiny and brassy—a perfect rabbit’s hole for looking for Father’s Day presents. Fathers—them wonderful, hardworking, funny people who give so much love and deserve much more. Here are three latest items I’d love to get if I were a papa.

Tom Dixon Cut Wall Tom D Cut Lights cut_long_smoke_off_off cut_long_smoke_main_1


The Cut family of lights are an exercise in optic sorcery. When switched off, they present an opaque surface and when switched on, they glow with a stunning iridescence showing off the mesmerising reflections within the diamond cut, vacuum metabolised interior like a “translucent kaleidoscopic gem”. So many beautiful Tom Dixon lighting fixtures, so little rooms.

Tom D Lid Tall Glass Tom Dixon Lid Collection



Tom Dixon Lid vanity


Multipurpose boxes and trays, the Lid collection comprises pieces made from high quality solid blue glass, marble and stainless steel with a high-gloss copper finish. This dressing up of daddy’s vanity counter sees the mundane become graphical: toothbrushes, soaps, cotton buds become miniature art pieces encased.

Tom Dixon Eclectic Hand Balm Tom Dixon Eclectic Wash

Eclectic London Hand Balm

Yes, from spaces and furniture to accessories, Tom D. now lets you moisturise your hand with his brand. Not that we’d mind, pumping hand balm from such a sexy bottle. We’re smelling black pepper, oud wood, cedar wood and patchouli (supposed to reminiscent smokey red brick and London parks); rosehip oil, carrot oil and honey to caress and care for them hardworking, rough hands. Totally worth it for the Man in Our Lives.

Tom Dixon products are available at Xtra

+ photo credit: Tom Dixon

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