Inventory // Give the Pot Too…(Thinking About) Flower Holders for Mother’s Day

Keen Caputo's As If range from 2016/ Arita

Keen Caputo’s As If range from 2016/ Arita

Giving flowers to the one you love is the sweetest gesture. All the more when it comes to mothers. The delicate, gentle nature of mothers are represented by the soft petals and organic forms, their feminine curves mimicking the womanly form. Mother Earth herself grew and natured these stars that brighten and colour our landscapes and homes.

The crucible that contains them are as important as the blooms themselves. What we choose to put them in brings a whole new dimension to the flower itself. A glass receptacle reveals the shape of the stem, and the totality of the object within. A porcelain vase lends gravity, contrasting the delicacy of its contents. A shiny, stainless steel piece speaks of modernity and mirrors its environment, reflecting calm or chaos.

And then, how big, how wide, how tall, how oval or how short? So many decisions to add a new dimension to the rose you picked out at the wet market or the cluster of hygendrea – so ephemeral in the tropics – and to adorn the corner of your room or middle of the tabletop.

So why not, for Mother’s Day? Don’t just present the flowers, pick out a pot too. To help narrow down the choices, we’ve picked out three we absolutely adore, thoughtfully designed by the most progressive and talented designers of our day.

KC014 KC016 KC017 KC020

As If from 2016/Arita

 2016/ Arita is an impressive, artistic collection of ceramics designed by 16 designers and design studios. The pieces are made from ceramic in Arita, northwest Kyushu and bring a contemporary touch to the traditional form using the specialist skills of the craftsmen. Swedish design studio Kueng Caputo’s  enigmatic As If are pure geometric forms, coloured with the use of an airbrush known as fukitsuki (airblast) that harnesses a special technique to gives the object its mesmerising subtle gradations of colour. A slight depression leads into a subtle aperture for the receiving of all sorts of posies, though a single stalk would surely engage this particular pot in the best way.


Tricolore from &Tradition

Colour play takes on a different form with the handblown glass Tricolore vases designed by Sebastian Heckner for &Tradition. They are a layered vision that can be separated to create interesting compositions or used for purposes other than blooms after the blooms have met their time – a receptacle for trinkets for example, or candy for the small people. Each set comprises two cylindrical glass vases of different heights and colour. Putting them together creates a third colour. Place them by the window to observe the play of technicolour.

6015_Objects - Earthenware 3992_Objects - Earthenware_ Jarvase and Vase 9063_Objects - Foldable Tray Table_ Black

Cecilie Manz Vase from Republic of Fritz Hansen

The nicest, most polite designer from Denmark, Cecilie Manz is a household name having stamped her name on almost every kind of object, including a number of stylish speakers from Bang & Olufsen, such as the rotund A1 and Beolit 12, fashioned like a picnic basket. Her contribution here is made from technicality of a different sort. Two sculptural vases for Republic of Fritz Hansen’s accessories range are fashioned from high-burned Japanese earthenware in shades of olive and ash and continue the designer’s signature minimalist approach.

2016/ Arita is available from Supermama

 &Tradition is available from Grafunkt

Republic of Fritz Hansen is available from W. Atelier

+ photo credit: from respective brands

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