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And so last night it dawned upon me that this Sunday is Mother’s Day and I had visions of frantic fathers/husbands sneaking off to the mall mid-work-day to hunt for the perfect gift—because we all know that you must never not have a gift for the mother of your child(ren) because being a mother is really, really hard. So here I have decided to share a solution to end your hunting woes.

True story: last week I was pacing the mall and lured by the interior design goodness of Aesop I stepped in. With words like ‘hydration’, ‘glow’, ‘quick-fix’ drifting about the sales pitch, I—a very, very sleep-deficient mother, because the baby is forever teething and forever having growth spurts and I am thus forever nocturnal—decided that I really needed some hydration, glow and very quickly. So I handed over some cash in exchange for a bottle or Damascan Rose Facial Treatment—all very clinically important-looking with dropper—and Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque. That night I added three drops of the former to my night moisturiser and in the morning pat on a layer of the Masque hoping in my heart for a miracle. Well, after washing the Masque away I walked out to my husband and gave him instructions to ‘touch my face’ because to me it felt almost—no, never altogether like—Becky’s baby skin. And the husband said he didn’t even have to touch my face to see the difference. A hundred points!

And so husbands, sons, daughters of tired mothers and mothers who decide that hydration, glow and quick-fix—and I would add, skin à la powdery softness—there’s my tip.

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