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When you’re frazzled with sleep depletion, the morning calls, the baby is awake like clockwork  as the sky is already colouring from charcoal to vermillion to azure, who’re you gonna call?

A spritz of Sk2 and a dab of Mmercie Encore’s Glow Elixir every day after the morning shower  puts me back in action—I’m a blood orange, bergamot and radiant rose geranium walking spa. Delight. 

And, back then in Tokyo I wondered into a shop selling textiles. I couldn’t leave. Something had to leave with me. This flower-print piece is one of three that I bought and just today I lifted it out of its packet. Pretty things—they get me everytime.

+ photo credit: Playground



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  1. Playground says on 6 May 2015

    I’m not sure Faye. It’s just pretty to have around.

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